HOUSE OF THE WITCH - Production Designer

A group of teens break into an abandoned estate and run into a real life witch. Our work included period decor, construction of crawl spaces, a VFX friendly pond plus our fair share of camera ready gags as well. We had a wonderful crew in Lexington, Kentucky!

Cast: Emily Bader, Darren Mann

Director: Alex Merkin Producer: Neil Elman

Marvista Entertainment

MAXIMUM RIDE - Production Designer

Based on the successful James Patterson novel, this ambitious pilot included teens with wings, a hidden safe house in the Colorado mountains and an underground genetics laboratory. There were plenty of stunts, specialty rigs and VFX components to take into account.

Cast: Allie Evans, Patrick Johnson

Director: Jay Martin Producer: James Patterson 


RED SANDS - Production Designer

This war torn tale was set in the arid desert of Afghanistan, yet it was actually shot in ultra-pleasant Santa Clarita, California. We fabricated a full scale Stone House to blend with our interior sets plus a breakaway VFX sculpture that initiates all the mayhem in our story.

Cast: Shane West, J.K. Simmons

Director: Alex Turner Producer: David Hillary

Sony Pictures

DIRTY - Production Designer

Based loosely on the LAPD Rampart Scandal, this crime thriller took us across all parts of Los Angeles. We approached the film with a strong color palette and a push toward gritty realism that turned out to be quite beautiful in many ways.

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Clifton Collins Jr., Keith David

Director: Chris Fisher Producer: Richard Middleton

Sony Pictures