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Anthony Stabley-Rivero is a Production Designer and a Filmmaker. Born in La Paz, Bolivia and raised in Colombia, Argentina and the U.S., he is the grandson of Beatriz Lavayen Velasco, a movie theater owner, hotelier and fine art collector. Credits as a designer include Saw X (Lionsgate), Be Somebody (Paramount), In Plain Sight (Universal), Dirty (Sony Pictures), Formosa Betrayed  (Screen Media), From Prada To Nada (Lionsgate) and A Day Without A Mexican (Alta Vista Films).

As a Producer, he is known for the the war documentary What I Want You To Know, the teen drama Everlasting and the pop art comedy This Is Not A Film.

He began his career as a member of Bob Skotak's VFX team on Terminator 2 then went on to Art Direct Todd Hayne's Safe, The Arrival, City of Industry, White Oleander, Stigmata as well as the hit series Ozark. Mr. Stabley is a member of Film Independent, the NALIP and the Art Directors Guild.

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